RZA attends “The Man With Iron Fists” New York Special Screening at Lighthouse International Theater on October 27, 2012 in New York City

*Rapper-turned-director Rza has signed on to direct a biopic about Mongol Empire leader Genghis Khan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Wu-Tang Clan frontman, whose directorial debut “The Man With the Iron Fists” opens Friday, will tackle the life story of the great 13th century emperor, based on a script years in the making by Apocalypse Now screenwriter John Milius.

Milius had once been tapped to direct the film himself, while Mickey Rourke had also previously been linked to a leading role.

Casting details have yet to be announced, but production is expected to begin in China next year.

Rza has also signed on for two additional projects. He’ll team with comic book icon Grant Morrison to adapt his latest graphic novel, “Happy!,” for the big screen, and he’s also set to direct the diamond heist action thriller “No Man’s Land.”