salt-n-pepa*While many of the girl groups of old have come and gone; and some still present just plain ain’t speaking to one another, its nice to know the iconic rap duo, Salt-n-Pepa is still out there doing their thang—and having fun at it too.

While performing at the Rock the Bells festival at PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey recently, the ladies played around with their fans and each other. Accompanied by two male backup dancer’s in white T-shirts, and New York Yankee baseball caps with blue jeans; they had their fans participate in a call and response, “complete the lyrics” quiz to Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” As Salt sang, “Hotel, motel…” Pepa chimed in with “Hip Hop Hooray, but was quickly interrupted by Salt, who stated, “You know your baby daddy was just on stage. He already did that one.” To which Pepa responded, “Oh that’s right.”

The two longtime friends and veteran rappers gave their fans what they came for, performing their stream of hits including, “Do You Really Want Me?” “Shake Your Thing,” “I Take Your Man,” “My Mic Sounds Nice,” “Let’s Talk About Sex” and “What a Man.” Salt brought her husband of 21 years out to serenade and rap to the last song.

Before concluding the set with the classic, “Push It,” Pepa, with no husband to call her own, invited two very willing men on stage to help close out the show.