dante & justin robinson

Dontae Robinson, 17, (left) and Justin Robinson, 15, are charged with the first degree murder of Autumn Pasquale of Clayton, New Jersey, October 24, 2012.

*Children are being victimized every day all over the country.

They are being kidnapped, murdered, sold, and defiled in ways that keep us up at night.

Some of these children are never found, thus their families never find closure. But closure by way of a horrific crime committed against a child is probably equally heartbreaking for a family.

The Pasquale family had been looking for their daughter Autumn Pasquale, since Saturday, October 20, when she rode off on her bike in the small middle class town of Clayton, New Jersey. Apparently, Autumn was a bit of a bike aficionado and she was lured by Dontae, 17, and Justin Robinson, 15, for the promise of parts for her bike.