randall terry & sam jackson

Randall Terry (with Samuel L. Jackson in background)

*Well now, isn’t this interesting.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is threatening to tear some character named Randall Terry a new you-know-what.

That’s because Terry, who is running for both president of the United States and for Congress in Florida, made a video advert that accuses Jackson of “carrying water for racists,” in response to the actor’s “Wake the F**k Up!” political ad supporting President Obama, reports Mother Jones:

In response, Terry made his own ad, which he says has aired on more than 100 TV stations. It accuses Jackson of “carrying water for racists,” among other things. (It also contains graphic images of aborted fetuses.)

Terry also set up an accompanying website, www.uncletomjackson.com, to broadcast his “faux-Dr. Seuss rhyme” entitled, “The New Uncle Tom.” In the video, Terry is dressed as “Sir Reginald Bling” and raps about Jackson’s alleged betrayals of his race using lines from his own movies:

When Obama and Biden work themselves to a fit, they picked up the phone, called 9-1-holy sh*t. Send a man who will “Die Hard with a Vengeance” for us, and a man who will stay in the back of the bus. You’re darn right we’ll work, no you just stay calm. Get Samuel L. Jackson to play uncle Tom.

The ad, the rap (which accuses Jackson of advocating “Black genocide”), and the website haven’t gone unnoticed by Jackson. He’s threatening to sue Terry and the TV stations that air the ad.

By the way, the ad has been removed from the uncletomjackson.com website.

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