*“The Basketball Wives” franchise is getting a makeover.

Shaunie O’Neal heard the complaints of viewers, screaming about the cattiness between the ladies. So she said the show, at least the L.A. version is going to get one.

“How ’bout a complete makeover”? Shaunie responded when a “BBW: L.A.” viewer wrote that the series is boring.

“PLEASE CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!! I JUST CAN’T,” the viewer posted.

Kicking the show as a whole is not quite in question yet, despite the drop in ratings.

She hasn’t revealed what the makeover would look like, but it’s a possibility that a whole new cast will be introduced. Some of her followers vibed with that idea.

“I think we’re all down for a complete makeover… & stopped watching in Season 1,” posted one Twitter user.

As far as the Miami show is concerned, there’s rumors Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed won’t be coming back.