*Is Obama losing support from his younger Hip Hop generation?

Rapper Shyne is not on the Obama bandwagon and he’s making that very clear. Instead, he’s supporting the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

Shyne was deported in 2009 following his release from prison where he served nine years for the 1999 Club New York shooting.

The rapper is so much against the current president because he’s holding a grudge. He says the two of them share a mutual friend, Harvard Law professor Charles J. Ogletree. And he says Obama is well aware of his situation.

“He knows who I am, he knows what’s happenin’,” the rapper said of  Obama. “He’s always talkin’ about he listens to hip-hop and his daughter listens to hip-hop. He knows who Shyne is, he knows I’m deported.”

So it looks like he’s expecting a personal favor from the president.

He also feels that he’s the key to calming the violence in Chicago, so he needs to be back in the U.S. to save the inner city. With or without his old friend’s help, Shyne professes that he will be returning to the states in due time.

“I should be in America in a couple of months. We working to try and get this visa,” he said. “Obama is playing games, he frontin’, he better do the right thing.”

Unlike many who make a religious conversion in prison, Shyne is now a devout Jew. Shyne believes that because of his faith and influence that his “voice is too powerful.”

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