Felicia Garcia

*Young people PLEASE! Don’t let the social media network and idle gossip get to you! It’s not worth taking your own life.

There have been too many, and I’m saddened to read the Huffington Post report about a 15-year-old Staten Island girl named Felicia Garcia who leaped in front of a moving train and committed suicide because of bullying. Her last words according to witnesses: “It’s finally here.”

I can relate to what she might have been feeling because when I was 15, I was so depressed and I too had thoughts of suicide. But what I discovered was that those thoughts and feelings were fleeting – they would come and go. So rather than acting upon those ‘thoughts and feelings’ I wrote about them in a song during Study Hall one afternoon in high school.

The song is titled “Sometimes” and I wanted to share it with you (see lyrics and link below). Please, please, please young people – DON’T ACT ON THOSE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS!!! Stop and think about the impact it will have on others in your family and circle of friends – it’s not just about you.

Ever thought about how you would feel if someone you really cared about and loved, died? Then how do you think the ones who feel about you the same way would feel? Don’t be selfish!  Please know that God values you. Pray; try and talk it over with somebody; take a walk around the block; go somewhere and scream at the top of your lungs; think of something else daring that you’ve been shy about or afraid to try – something that won’t be so final ─ like that thing you always say “If I could only…” Well go on and set out to do it. What do you have to lose? Any mistakes or missteps could not be more unthinkable or frightening as the thought of dying, could they? Just don’t give up…DON’T GIVE UP!!

Maybe you can write your own “Sometimes” episode. Writing can be very therapeutic. Here are the lyrics to my song…please hear my plea!



Oh sometimes I’m so misunderstood

Sometimes I feel like nobody should

I blame the world for what I am and what I am not

I blame the world for what I have and what I ain’t got

Oh sometimes it troubles me  to be alive…

Hey sometimes silence makes too much noise

  Sometimes real things seem like toys

  Sometimes the right can seem so wrong and the wrong seem so right

  And I can’t tell the difference between day and night

  Oh sometimes it troubles me to be alive!

  Woh sometimes I wander in a daze

  Walking, walking in a mindless phase

  Just waiting for some miracle to happen to me

  To get me to some other place where I’d like to be

  Oh sometimes it troubles me to be alive!

 (P) DerShawn Music Publishers BMI

 Here’s the link to the song