stacey dash flag*Some no doubt think Stacey Dash is “clueless” for being in Mitt Romney’s camp, but she’s not backing down.

Trying to stem backlash against her because she’s down with Romney for president, the actress appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan” show Tuesday night to defend herself.

“I want the next four years to be different,” said Dash. “When I watched the governor and his wife on Meet the Press with David Gregory, they spoke to me and they seemed authentic and genuine about what they said about this country about the need for us to be united and move forward.”

As we reported, Dash, the former star of TV’s “Single Ladies” and the film “Clueless,” sent out a tweet in support of Romney, saying: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @MittRomney @TeamRomney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney“

Needless to say, the response was immediate and not too kind. In other words, not a good PR move on the part of Dash.

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Her fans and followers let her know in no uncertain terms how they felt about her decision to back Romney.

“Still Clueless,” is what one upset follower wrote, to no one’s surprise.

This tweet said: “You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing @MittRomney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot.”

Dash told Piers Morgan that GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan personally reached out to thank her for her support.

“He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave and that they support me and I thought that was so generous and kind, lovely,” said Dash.

The actress went on to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in rationalizing her support of Romney, saying in effect: “not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.”