kenya moore *Just the other day, we reported that “RHofA” newcomer Kenya Moore has adjusted well with the rest of the group. But it’s coming out that she may be the source of all the drama.

In a couple of Bravo teasers, it looks like the former beauty queen totally upsets veterans Phaedra and NeNe. Allegedly, she may have an inappropriate sexual interest in Apollo, Phaedra’s husband.

She asks her co-star about giving Apollo a hypothetical “birthday present” involving two of Phaedra’s friends. Umm hmm, startin’ stuff.

Also in a clip (see below), Kenya confesses having feelings for someone, but it’s unclear who it is, although it appears she and Phaedra’s man have an awfully close relationship.

Things are going to get ugly this season; can’t you feel it?