*Oh here is some dirty dirt!

So Stephon Marbury, who has a habit of sleazing around on his wife, was just caught in another extramarital affair, this time with the house chef.

Here’s the deal, according to the New York Post, the baller was sexing up his chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, on at least five different occasions. But she got fired, for whatever reasons.

Afraid she might tell the wife or the press, Marbury agreed to pay her $900,000 to keep quiet. He paid her over the years, but couldn’t cough up enough due to money troubles, only fulfilling $600,000 of his promise.

So just like any good mistress, she filed suit last week. This whole thing is going to be good!

Marbury is marked with a disloyal past.

The former New York Knicks point guard – who now plays for the Beijing Ducks in China – testified during a sexual harassment suit against the team (The Knicks), admitting he got busy with an intern after a group trip to the strip club in 2005. Just nasty.