stevie j*Everyone wants to kiss Lil Wayne.

You did scope out that Baby kissing Wayne photo from way back when, right?

Anyway, the latest caught kissing the rapper was supposedly Stevie J.

He was allegedly locking lips with the skateboard fan onstage at Miami nightclub Liv last weekend.

But of course, the multiple-woman kind of man denied the reports in several radio interviews, even after checking out the videos.

J received a call from Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg about his interesting behavior. But he flat out told the listening audience that he wasn’t even in Miami that weekend. He was working with Rihanna and Mariah Carey in L.A.

“I’m in L.A.,” the producer explained. “That wasn’t me, I wasn’t in Miami. But whatever someone feels they need to do, they need to do that. I’m in the studio making hits.”

Even his sex puppet Joseline Hernandez tuned in, saying that she knows Lil Wayne kisses dudes.


Check out the clip of Joseline rambling here:

And if you didn’t see the very ambiguous lip-locking video clip, check it out here: