man in thought*A call for Christians and churches to show more love as modeled by Jesus for people living a homosexual lifestyle was made by more than a dozen pastors and ministry leaders speaking during “The Nines” leadership webcast, says the Christian Post.

“This topic is an important one. It gives the Church a chance to wrestle with both grace and truth. It’s a polarizing topic and one that leaves little room for compromise,” said Pastor Gregg Farah of Shelter Rock Church in Long Island, N.Y. Farah was one of 16 Christian leaders who spoke during short video-taped segments for a two-hour session on Friday.

“How should we respond to the gay couple that wants to engage in our church? A couple that wants to apply for membership, who wants to be in leadership, who wants the opportunity for a deeper relationship with God and to experience authentic Christian community without being ridiculed or ignored,” he asked.

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