tameka raymond*Earlier we reported that TMZ is the source of news that Usher has given his ex-wife Tameka 60 days to vacate the mansion she’s been living in since 2007 (see photo below).

And even though our earlier story described Usher playing hardball, Tameka doesn’t see that way at all. She is apparently convinced that TMZ has got it all wrong … again.

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She tweeted to a fan that the uber gossip site has been saying this about her for two years now and she’s still in that big ol’ house.

@iteachoneofu @tmz They have “reported” this for 2 years now… Slow news day I assume. Pay it no mind.

— Tameka J Raymond (@TamekaRaymond) September 30, 2012

In other words Tameka says she ain’t going nowhere. We’re thinking there’s somebody being delusional here. Well, in 60 days, we shall see, won’t we?

tameka mansion