tameka raymond*The money problems for Tameka Raymond continue to mount up.

As we reported earlier, Usher is booting her from the mansion she’s living in and now, unless she comes up with the cash, Tameka could be on the verge of being losing the location of her business venture.

TMZ has learned her OTHER landlord — from a small business she owns — is suing her for $50k in unpaid rent and other things.

Antelope Valley Plaza filed the eviction case against Tameka — claiming she signed a two-year lease agreement back in 2010 for three retail spaces in a Georgia complex … where she runs Kangazoom — an indoor play center for kids.

AVP claims in the docs Tameka was supposed to pony up $9,966.67 / month … but she hasn’t anted up for months — and now owes $36,943.42 in back rent.

But wait … there’s more.  AVP claims she owes more than $4k in late charges, $2k in unpaid taxes all tolled, AVP is gunning for $49,816.18.

Tameka says Antelop Valley Plaza is the one that breached the contract, and she wants the case dismissed.