kyle glover & tameka foster-raymond*Even though Tameka Raymond was swiftly back to court, arguing it out with Usher for the kids … but ultimately lost, she admits the death of her first born child, Kile,  was traumatic and she’s still fighting through the pain.

“I don’t know how… I don’t know how to really put it into words. It’s really hard,” she told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I’m probably still in shock,” she said. “When God calls His children home so early, I think they have to be very special in order for God to say their work is done here.”

Her 11-year-old son, Kile, passed away after fighting for his life 15 days in the hospital following a Jet-Ski accident.

Tameka admitted that while she can talk about her son, there are times when she’s going about daily activities that something reminds her of him and invokes tears.

She also chatted about her drama with Usher, explaining why he would be the unfit full time guardian of their two sons. She even questioned whether or not he would be able to be a dad and work out his new gig on “The Voice” and raise their kids.

“It wouldn’t really work out because my kids are in school,” she said, pointing out that they’re enrolled in schools in Atlanta while the show tapes in California.

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