*Tamera Mowry-Housley is one of those innocent-like celebrities that always seems to get attacked somehow.
This time, she was practicing her American freedoms by sharing her general thoughts about the vice presidential debate.

During the broadcast, VP Joe Biden was particularly aggressive when facing off against candidate Paul Ryan. He didn’t abide by common courtesies; and keep his mouth shut when his opponent was speaking.

Tamera noticed it and turned to Twitter to share her irritation, saying it’s rude to talk over other people.

Immediately, those overzealous Obama supporters responded in a totally disconnected way, accusing her of favoring Mitt Romney. The response was possibly heightened because she’s married to a white dude.


“I never favored 1 side ovr the othr but as a whole I believe we need 2 be respectful. #repubsanddems ! No need 2 attack, assume or be racist,” she tweeted last week. “All I said was I hate ppl interruptin people. And I got a ton of tweets assuming who I was voting 4 and racist remarks becuz of myhusband.”

But, some of her followers have a heart. On tweeted her a Biblical message: “Matthew 5:11 ‘blessed r u when they revile n persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against u falsely for my sake.’ -thanks @drearegalado.”

On top of that, her man came to the rescue via Twitter, remarking that people are taking things a bit too far and out of proportion.

“This is 2012. You don’t know me..and you don’t know my wife @TameraMowryTwo How dare people make such horrible comments. That’s true racism,” Adam tweeted. “That’s whats wrong with discourse right now in the country. My wife @TameraMowryTwo tweets nothing political, but is attacked.”

That’s love.