darryl james

Darryl James

*Americans love to believe that they are a smart people.

But then they go about the business of doing things that are not very smart.

For example, America spews rhetoric about the separation of church and state, but for many Americans, the church should dictate the state.

We’ve seen this in recent times when politicians play to issues that are highly charged for Christians, such as abortion and gay marriage.

The funny part of it is that typically the sheep who are being played aren’t even given a clear sign that any promise will be fulfilled. They’ve been played by the Republican Party over and over again.

The most recent duping was during the 2004 election when the stupid and sorry president named George was re-elected against all odds, confusing the Democrats who were playing to reason.

What the Democrats failed to account for is the one third of Americans who are Evangelical Christians. These are largely religious sheep who will readily abandon all reason and all concern for their fellow Americans based on an appeal to their faith.  When it comes to hot button issues such as abortion and gay marriage, Democrats appear hostile to their faith, while Republicans appeared to be protecting their Christian “values.”

Many of those Evangelical Christians were Blacks who voted for George Bush for no other reason than he appeared to support their faith.

Many of those were also Hispanics.  One third of Hispanic voters reported being born-again Christians and close to twenty per cent listed moral values as their top issue.

Religious values are a hot button issue.

The problem in the 2004 election, just as it is in the current campaign, is that Democrats do not appear to understand that.

While the Democrats are storing their hopes in the increased numbers of registered young people, union members and Blacks, other strong increases are coming from rural and evangelical voters–both of which supported George Bush, and which now are standing behind Mitt Romney—even against other values which will be to their detriment.

Many stupid Blacks are also supporting the Republican Party, even though many leading Republicans are openly racist.

They too, have some foolish notion that their Christian values will somehow be reflected in a man who is full of hate for anyone who is not like himself, including the voters he will likely woo.

And while the evil lying Romney may appear to be something new, his methodology is not.

In the 1980’s, President Ronald Reagan declared war on Blacks in impoverished, drug-infested communities.  He duped America into thinking that the problem with drugs and crime in America lay solely in the hands of the young Black men who sold and bought the drugs.  He even duped many Black Americans into supporting tougher laws in fear of Willie Horton and Tryone, the violent drug dealer who would bring crime, gangs and guns into their communities to sell drugs.

He was a racist. And so were many of the morons who supported him.

His sweet pretty lies were so sweet and seductive that many of the ignorant knee-grows who converted to his party, remain there still, pretending that the party somehow protects them as long as they toe the party line.

But they have been duped.

Just like many other Americans.

America has been duped into believing that Black drug dealers are worse than the covert drug trade Oliver North began in the early 1980’s, and that Black gangs are worse than the country’s military operations in sovereign nations.  Many Blacks with means have also been duped, which is why they simultaneously fear, hate and attack poor Blacks, who they believe have no “values.”

In 2004, George Bush duped America, and in doing so, he duped throngs of Blacks into abandoning reason, community concerns and racial pride, in pursuit of preserving their “Christian values.”

And there is some serious duping underway in the current election.

The Republican Party will go to any lengths to keep their regime in office, including scaring the crap out of the racist, radical element of their party and lying boldly to the face of the remainder of the American people.

And the people are frightened. So frightened that many African Americans would rather vote for the Republicans than support a Democratic president  who is highly qualified, prepared to continue to effect change and who happens to be Black.

Granted, Blacks in America are just like the rest of America, in that there really is no “us.”  We are not a monolithic people.

For example, there are Blacks who work every day at great jobs and have seen no oppression and very little racism.  For them, there is no harm in The Republican Party’s policies. And as we saw in 2004, many Black people believed that Republican George Bush was their best bet.

My interests do not lie in party lines. I believe in President Barack Obama based on who he is and what he wants to do, which I believe is best for America and ultimately, best for my people.

African Americans have been duped in the past and hopefully will stanch the duping in November.

In general, Americans are stupid and easily duped.

Hopefully, this election will prove me wrong.

Hopefully, Americans won’t be stupid enough to elect Romney and Ryan.

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles in 2001 and will become a feature film in 2012. View previous installments of this column at www.bridgecolumn.proboards36.com. Reach James at djames@theblackgendergap.com.