steffanie rivers

Steffanie Rivers

*Two years after I renewed my passport I still hadn’t used it to travel abroad. So when I saw the Living Social special that allowed me to spend a week in one of ten Mexico destinations for less than $300 I purchased it without hesitation. The travel voucher was good for two adults and two children.

Finding somebody to tag along with me to a 4-star ocean-side resort in Mexico (I thought) would be no problemo, especially since airfare and incidental expenses would be all they would need to pay. With six months to find that lucky somebody before the voucher expired I was sure I had plenty of time to secure a travel buddy.

While I have plenty of associates, I can count my friends on one hand. Apparently, my friends with money are even less. A significant other? Let’s just say I’m taking applications and he needs money with a passport to apply.

Some years ago a few girlfriends from high school and I had planned a trip to the beach in Florida, but one by one they were unable to go for one reason or another. So I made that trip alone. The year before that a co-worker and I planned to meet up in South Padre Island, Texas and walk over the border to Mexico from Brownsville to shop for the day. My co-worker claimed to have forgotten her passport. So I made that trek alone too. On the way back across the Mexico/U.S. border I was stopped for videotaping the police checkpoint. They erased my video and sent me on my way. Other than that, it was an uneventful shopping trip.

With all the pre-planning I did, I thought this year would be different. Since my birthday is at the end of September, my girlfriend and I had planned our Mexico trip that same week. We both were anticipating the much needed time away. But as the date drew near my travel buddy realized she would not be able to go.

Two months before the trip I started to ask around trying to find somebody who had the time, money and inclination to spend a week in Mexico with me for pennies on the dollar with no strings attached. There were plenty of maybes and should’ve would’ve could’ve replies, but nothing definite. When it was time to go I left for the airport – alone – and I didn’t look back.

Growing up as an only child has taught me that a party of one is just fine. So I don’t hesitate to go to the movies, eat out at restaurants and just walk in the park alone. Still some things are better when you have someone to share it with; Mexico for example. I’m working on upgrading my social circle to include people with the time and money to travel. Next time will be different.

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