Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson

*We’ve all heard the pundits make their spin on their candidate’s performance at last week’s Presidential Debate.

It doesn’t matter how great or how bad, how truthful or how untruthful either candidate did, their parties will find a way to make them appear to have been perfect.

Sometimes I sit and turn from station to station just to watch how masterfully these people spin things in the media. And the most pitiful thing of it all is that they think we, the citizens and listening audience are really screwed up in the heads if we believe this  stuff. I would at least like for them to use a little more craft and more intellect. That would at least make me feel that they think I am intelligent and not stupid.

But these are the kind of things I find entertaining as well as sadden by when I witness some of the most intelligent brains and powerful men/women in the world literally look like a classroom of kindergarteners fighting.

But that’s what happens when people don’t learn to tell the truth to themselves about themselves. That’s what happens when people are only concerned with the “zero sum” mentality of “If I win, you lose.”  That’s what happens when we are so consumed with overlooking what’s most important, because we are so hell bent on winning. When we use this kind of attitude, no one ever wins really…especially our next generation.

I say all of this because as women we do similar things when it comes to making choices for our lives.  We have these debates going on within heads over important choices for our own lives.  Most often we make choices based on what’s best everyone else and not for ourselves. We then we deceive ourselves into thinking that we’ve won.   We even  put our “spin” on the choices we’ve made.

We remain in toxic relationships because we’ve somehow believed it’s better to have a man, even though he is toxic, than to be alone.

We remain on a job that provides no satisfaction, pays less than what we are worth and makes us ill in our bodies because we believe that we can only provide for our families this way and there are no other possibilities.

We sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others because we don’t want them to angry with us…not realizing to betray ourselves  in order to keep from betraying someone else, is the greatest betrayal of all.

We put up with all sorts of “incomplete and just enough” because we believe we can’t do any better. But is “just enough” what you really want?

We debate ourselves and come up with safe choices and answers because we want an immediate “win.” But is it really a win? Or are  we putting a spin on our lives?  It’s like the political pundits who see one thing and then turn around and call it something else…basically because they are fearful of losing and so are you.

But what if you told the truth to yourself about yourself? What if you really did have the power to change your life?

What if you could experience these changes in the next 90 days?  Many women are saying that there’s nothing to change in their lives. There’s always something that has to change…even the lie that you just told yourself.

You’ve got to stop putting the pundit spins on your life and tell the truth to yourself so that you can begin to shine.

Begin to recognize your true divine essence and power to transform your own life and the world around you.

The root of the word divine means “to shine,” and as you begin to shine, illuminate, and become brilliant, you can then create the  life you were meant to live.

Stop debating yourself. Your choice can win, when YOU become your own perfect choice! There’s no debate about this truth and no need to fact check. Because truth is not facts…it is LAW.

Tell yourself the truth and step into  your power and begin to Shine!

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

Angela Carr Patterson-The Love Lifestyle Coach

Angela Carr Patterson is an author, speaker, life coach and the host of an Internet based radio talk show. Everyday, she coach women on how to live “The Love Lifestyle” and help them to transform their relationships with men and money while empowering them to live their dreams. Contact Angela Carr Patterson [email protected] ,