nordegren house palm beach-1

Construction continues the mansion that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife is building in North Palm Beach (Photo: Gossip Extra)

*Tiger Woods’ ex, Elin Nordegren, is making good use of her divorce money by building  mammoth mansion on the beach in South Florida.

As Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra reports, construction continues at a good clip on the 21,309-square-foot behemoth that Nordegren is building in North Palm Beach, as exclusive aerial photos show.

The three-story beachfront mansion in the fancy Seminole Landing neighborhood should be ready for mom-of-two in late 2014!

Nordegren, 32, is believed to have made $100 million in her divorce from the golfer, whose life crumbled after his alleged cheating on former nanny Nordegren with porn stars, hookers, waitresses and neighbors came to light.

Nordegren bought the property for $12.2 million about a year ago, leveled the historic home in the dunes and started building the new nine-bedroom digs. Permit applications shows she is spending another $3,447,612!

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Another view of the palatial home being built on the beach by Ellen Nordegren in So. Florida (Photo: Gossip Extra)