*As the debates rage on and the polls fluctuate day to day, celebrities are tuning in with their opinions. Recently, former “Girlfriends” star, Tracey Ellis Ross, admitted that a Romney win would be “terrifying.”

She shared her political views with NewsOne while on the campaign trail for President Barack Obama, and talked about the motivation to get on the bus to support her president.

“I think my message is really the message that compelled me. I was taught that self-esteem comes from esteemable acts and it’s about action,” she said. “And one of the things I was amazed by the first time I voted was how good I felt, and I think that for me that the actual act of voting is one of many ways – but a very important way – that I get to realize that I’m enough and claim that I’m enough to make a difference in this country.”

She says she got involved because voting wasn’t enough. Speaking up in a more active way means more to her than just casting a vote.

“I went to Nevada and this is my second trip,” Tracee said. “Of course the election always happens when I have so much on my plate, but this is so important and I’m willing to show up and fly somewhere and do what it takes if I can be of service.”

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