obama & romney (2nd debate)*President Obama is back in champion form.  And Mitt Romney is once again on the ropes.

With a commanding, fact-based performance in last night’s second presidential debate, Mr. Obama re-asserted himself and erased the memory of his fumbling first encounter with Romney.

That first debate was a fluke – rather like when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson back in 1990.  Tyson was off his game that night – sluggish, distracted.  The real Tyson, the champion who had dominated heavyweight boxing for so long, did not climb into the ring that night.  So, Buster Douglas’ victory was hollow.

Mitt Romney’s victory in the first debate was similarly hollow because President Obama was by no means at his best in that initial face-off.

Well, Mr. Obama was in full effect last night!  He spoke boldly with conviction, compassion and a sense of vision.  Over and over again the President pummeled Gov.  Romney with the facts, exposing his lack of specifics on taxes, his failure to support women’s rights and his reversal on issues including immigration.

And when Romney tried to impugn his character over the consulate attack in Libya, President Obama put the Republican challenger in check with forceful eloquence and, once again, with the facts!

The President also did a masterful job of touting the successes of his first four years…

Reducing income taxes on the middle class and on small businesses… making college financial aid made more accessible…passing healthcare reform …  five million private sector jobs created and many more jobs saved as a result of the stimulus…the auto industry rescued and rejuvenated

President Obama also wagged a justified finger of blame at the Republicans in Congress who blocked several of his initiatives ranging from immigration reform to the American Jobs Act.

But the most beautiful moment of the debate came at the end when the President delivered the knockout punch by quoting Mitt Romney’s condescending, cold-hearted claim that 47% of Americans think of themselves victims and refuse to take responsibility for their lives.

Romney walked wide-eyed right into that trap by stating that he wants to help “100% of the American people.”  Well, President Obama deflated that hot air balloon with the truth of Romney’s own elitist words.

The President of the United States re-asserted himself last night.  He won the debate hands down, he re-connected with the American people and he set the stage for his re-election on November 6!

Hail to the chief!

Thanks for listening.  I’m Cameron Turner and that’s my two cents.

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EUR Bonus Coverage:
Before last night’s debate, Cameron Turner predicted that Obama would win last night’s debate.  He compared the first debate to the night in 1990 when an unfocused, unprepared Mike Tyson was “beaten” by the upstart James “Buster” Douglas!