Tyler Perry seen arriving to the Hollywood premiere of new film ‘Alex Cross’ held at the Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles (Oct. 15, 2012)

*Deadline.com is reporting that a new deal is being worked out for author James Patterson’s crime novel “Double Cross” to turn into a second movie starring Tyler Perry as the famous Washington DC crimefighter/psychologist.


Perry’s first turn in “Alex Cross” opens this Friday, marking the filmmaker’s first lead role that he didn’t produce or direct or write – and his reviews so far, according to Deadline, have been rather positive, although the critics have been harsh on director Rob Cohen and the film as a whole.

Deadline outlined the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes between Perry’s camp and QED International, the producers of “Alex Cross”:

QED International’s Bill Block put together Alex Cross at a cost of only $25M (lowered to $23M with Louisiana tax subsidies). He chased down the book rights from Patterson for under $1 million, then hired Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson to pen the screenplay with Patterson. Then Block and Patterson sought out Tyler’s WME agent Charles King. After meetings in Atlanta, QED signed the actor for $5M upfront. Perry took over the role from Morgan Freeman who first played Alex Cross in the films Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider. Amazingly, Perry didn’t want to write, direct or produce the movie. He didn’t even want to move the location to his home base in Georgia for all his creature comforts. And he had the leverage, too. Instead Perry wanted QED to run the project so he could focus solely on his acting. Maybe next time Perry should direct, too.