Tyler Perry in the title role of “Alex Cross”

*“It’s always been easier for me to have a costume to hide behind, but here I had nothing,” says Tyler Perry, who not only sheds his Madea character to take on the lead in “Alex Cross,” but also leaves the directing to someone else and delivers lines written by someone other than himself – a rarity in his universe.


“It was challenging, a big frightening, but usually that’s when I’ll take things on,” the filmmaker said during interviews for the film over the weekend in Los Angeles. “If there’s a bit of fear, I’ll challenge myself to go as far as I can.”

In Perry’s “Alex Cross,” the police detective and psychologist faces serial killer Michael “The Butcher” Sullivan (Matthew Fox), an ex-operative who pre-determines every move made by the cops in their attempts to catch him. He eventually flaunts his skill in the face of Cross by killing his wife in front of him – on their anniversary.

And now for the elephant in the room…

Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross in Paramount’s “Along Came A Spider” – 2001

Moviegoers have only ever seen Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross on the big screen. The veteran actor made his mark on the character in 1997’s “Kiss the Girls,” opposite Monica Potter, and 2001’s “Along Came a Spider” with Ashley Judd.

Below, Perry says he is well aware of those big shoes he had to fill.