Artis Hughes

Artis Hughes

*Bus drivers have a difficult job, dealing with bad attitudes, mischievous teens, and traffic. And that’s on a good day.

Well, one Cleveland bus driver, Artis Hughes,  couldn’t handle the pressure anymore, and took it out on one unlucky female passenger.

Shidea Lane

Shidea Lane

As we reported, the incident took place on Sept. 18 when 25-year-old passenger, Shidea Lane was caught on camera yelling at the bus driver, Artis Hughes. She said every curse word in the book before appearing to assault the driver.

That’s when Artis stood his ground, and landed a boxer perfect upper cut to the chin. 

(See it happen in the video below.)

Artis was of course taken off his job, but not fired just yet. Lane neither denied nor confirmed if she actually hit Artis, but did say that, as a female, she’s in shock for being hit that hard.

Who wouldn’t be?

Before you take the side of the woman, think about his position… at least that what some folks are saying.

A petition was started to get Artis back on the job because his supporters believe he rightfully defended himself.

According to, the petition reads:

“If men refuse to strike back, fearing that the law will favor their female abusers over them, we create an environment in which women can harass and victimize men with impunity.” The petition continues, “Instead, a man’s decision to fight back against a woman should be respected…the bus driver was the real victim and was justified in hitting back.”

So far, the petition has 1,000 signatures. Via Facebook, it’s gotten 14,000 likes.