wendy williams*OK here’s a disclaimer right off the bat ‘cause we know some “intellectuals” out there might hate to admit this, but sometimes loud mouth talk show diva Wendy Williams makes a helluva lotta sense.

No really.

She recently sat down with YourTango to talk about relationships, her requirements for a good marriage, and how to move on from a breakup. She doesn’t just sound like a big mouth gossiper, she is actually giving sound advice. OK, we know, that’s scary. We ain’t sayin’ take it to the bank or nothin’, but listen up.

She says that communication, passion, and laughter are her requirements for a strong relationship. Sounds good so far, right?

And check this out …

“Well, I don’t know if someone actually told me this,” she admits after the interviewer asked her to share advice that was given to her at one time. “…but one thing that’s really important,” she continues, “is that divorce is there for a reason. Sometimes marriages don’t work. Don’t stay together for reasons that aren’t practical. Babies don’t save a marriage!”

Wow! That’s heavy stuff. Yes?

Here’s another hint at enlightenment.

“No relationship is perfect,” she says (though she does admire what the Obamas’ share). “If you’re with the other person for a long time and you’ve invested a lot in the relationship or are married, for example, you owe it to yourself to try and make it work. But, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s possible to move on, for sure. It’s not a secret that my husband wasn’t faithful a long time ago, but I’ve moved forward. If you’re going to move on though, you can’t keep bringing it up. Actually move on.”

Now see, this is what we mean. Sound advice. And she says if you just can’t let the indiscretion go, well, this is where the Wendy Williams we all know and love showed up. But its still cool, in a crass kinda way.

“The best way to get over a man, is to get under another!”


“No really, though! I’m not saying to go out and actually have sex with people, but put yourself back out there.”

You know you want to read the interview for yourself. Go on, click here to go to Your Tango.