michelle obama & ann romney

The president faced off with his opponent for the Presidential Debate and Town Hall Meeting Tuesday, October 16, 2012, and somehow the wives of both men wore the same color.

*While the President was busy checkin’ Mitt Romney, the always lovely First Lady, Michelle Obama, was keeping her cool and silently supporting her man, our president in the audience at last night’s Presidential Debate and Town Hall Meeting.

But, she wasn’t alone in the audience. Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney was supporting him as well…in the same color outfit as Michelle Obama! WHAT?!

How did the hot pink or Schiaparelli pink that Michelle wore get leaked to the Romney camp? Certainly, the Obama camp wasn’t trying to find out what Mitt Romney’s wife was wearing.

Somebody’s stylist is getting fired this morning! But, while they were wearing the same color, there was a clear winner on who looked the best in it.

But, we’re going to let you make up your mind on the coveted decision of Who Wore It Best?