*What was Wyclef thinking when he got on that bike almost naked?

He’s never been a sex icon and he won’t be. This photo should have never been taken.

Anyway, he decided to come out about why he posed in nothin’ but a Speedo; and shared it with everyone on Twitter, on his 43rd birthday.

“At 43, to look the way I look and feel the way I feel is incredible,” he told Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club.

When asked if posting the photo, which has since made him the butt of a thousand jokes, made him feel regretful, he proudly said he’s happy with it. “I don’t regret anything that I do. I’m enjoying myself.”

Besides that, the blogosphere is a little behind the times. The horrible, never-should-have-seen-the-light photo has been on his Facebook page for some time.

“First of all, the pic with the Speedo, that’s an old pic. I’m part of a bike club. Bike-Clef wore Speedos at the time. That’s actually an old photo shoot, and those photos are actually up on Facebook or Instagram,” he said. “This is actually a photo shoot for a company in Italy. I said ‘I turned 43, I feel 26’ based on that photo shoot that I had did. I’m telling you when I did the photo shoot so that you clear, right?”

Yeah, … no. Don’t do it again. Spare the children.