Tracy Drayton

Tracy Drayton of Turner Elementary in Albany, Georgia, receives 30 day unpaid suspension for slapping a kindergartner in her Physical Education class.

*Most parents would agree that if a teacher was caught slapping the Crisco out their child, they would see to it that the teacher’s job would be no more.

But maybe I’m wrong because, like in the Cleveland bus driver’s incident where he upper cut a female passenger who had become belligerent, there might be certain circumstances. NOT!

In Albany, Georgia, one little five-year-old kindergartner was allegedly having a tantrum when the physical education teacher, Tracy Drayton, at Turner Elementary School–who like the bus driver had been in her position for 22 years–first dragged the little girl by her arm, then later walked over to her and smacked her across her face.

Well, the school board decided that the little girl was more of a problem than this teacher and that she should keep her job, according to the Huffington Post.

In fact, there is a video report of one of the board members appearing to be knoddin’ off like a junkie during the hearings with the teacher.

They concluded that she should only be suspended for 30 days without pay and take an anger management class. Big whoop!