*A  Florida death row inmate by the name of Glen Rogers is telling reporters that he’s responsible for killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

But Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, doesn’t believe the story.

Rogers says OJ Simpson hired him to break into Nicole’s home and steal $20,000 in jewelry and kill her if necessary.

His confession is the focus of a new Discovery Channel documentary airing this week, but Fred insists the story is a big fat lie.

“OJ Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The criminal trial showed overwhelming and monumental evidence that OJ Simpson was the killer. There was no contrary evidence other than guess, innuendo, and rumor,” Fred Goldman told TMZ. He added, “The fact of the acquittal at the hands of the jury will never wash away this murder from the hands of OJ Simpson, no matter how many Glen Rogers pop up on the media radar screen.”

It’s just so interesting that this is still a topic of discussion after all these years. Popular consensus is that  OJ did it. Besides, it’d be nice to cover issues like the execution of Troy Davis.