*Jobless NFL star Plaxico Burress was very lucky recently after dodging a $1000 traffic ticket.

A Fort Lauderdale traffic magistrate dismissed the hefty fine Monday morning due to a technical misstep.

The sheriff who claimed to have clocked him going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on the I-95 over the summer, however the statute was written on the citation did not match the charge.

So it was thrown out and the football player got off with no fines.

He was driving a Ferrari at the time of citing.

Gossip Extra reports that Burress, who played for both the New York Giants and Jets and now lives in South Florida’s Lighthouse Point, talked about the ticket in a recent TV interview:

“It was close to that,” he said when asked if he was really going 50 mph over. “But going fast in a Ferrari, doing 100 in a Ferrari, feels like 45!”