alicia keys*Mother Nature has no respect for people, salaries, or celebrity status.

Alicia Keys and her hubby Swizz Beatz were among New York’s hurricane/storm celebrity victims.

The couple left their $17 million penthouse in lower Manhattan after the power went out and water stopped flowing in the building Monday night; and crashed at her mother Teresa’s apartment.

“I was fortunate because my mother’s place didn’t lose power so we were able to take shelter with her,” she said. “Losing power was interesting, especially when you have to entertain a little boy,” she said referring to her two-year-old son Egypt. “But it was cool – he’s so imaginative so it all worked out.”

Sandy wreaked havoc across the city and displaced thousands. So the singer postponed her annual Black Ball to instead focus on reaching out to those who were less fortunate than herself after the storm.

In the future, however, she’d like to be more prepared for a disaster of this magnitude.

“I think I learned that I’m not nearly as prepared as I need to be,” she said. “God forbid there’s anything else coming – but if it did, I want to be more prepared about how to handle it and be able to ride it out.”

By the way, a few hours before the power returned to her neighborhood, Keys appeared on a special episode of Jimmy Kimmel taped in Brooklyn, where she recorded a PSA called “Helping Parents to Rock” for parents who want to maintain their rockstar status.

Watch it: