*Vanity Fair magazine conducted a pretty funny poll, asking readers who’d they rather play the role of Jesus.

The 60 minute survey asks a bunch of other random questions like which movie is most overplayed on TV (“A Christmas Story” was No.1), and do you have a library card (55 percent said they do).

But the man fans want to see as Jesus, possibly because they don’t want to feel bad about fantasizing about him, was… get ready… Denzel Washington.

ho wouldn’t mind having a hot God when they meet him at the pearly gates? He beat out Daniel Day-Lewis (14 percent), Al Pacino (13 percent), Ryan Gosling (11 percent), Woody Allen (10 percent), Philip Seymour Hoffman (3 percent), or none of them (15 percent) – an interesting cast of characters.

The results were surprising particularly because the majority of Vanity Fair readers are white. But you know it ain’t no reason to be surprised because everybody wants a little chocolate in their lives.

Can’t blame the ladies; Denzel is just fine, plus he has a universal appeal.