Bobby Brooks Wilson (cover of new CD)

*They say he’s the son of legendary singer Jackie Wilson.

After seeing his photo and listening to just the first few songs on his CD I don’t care if he is or not, Bobby Brooks Wilson (BBW) looks and sounds like Jackie reincarnated, and that’s something very refreshing for today’s music scene – a real true, distinguishable singer!

No over-produced and overwhelming production – just some finely crafted musicianship with a Southern Soul flavor that’s been absent for too long. Does anybody remember Bobby Womack’s “Lookin’ For A Love Again” album from 1974? Kudos to all the musicians, especially guitarist T.Wild.

Veteran music producer Tony Mantor of Nashville’s Plateau Music has captured something special in a 12-song set titled ‘It’s About Time.’ Without giving too much away, the essay – included in the CD package – written by Motown veteran Al Abrams is just as intriguing as the music! It’s a very poignant unraveling of a rags-to-riches story of a boy who suffered perilous times in the South Carolina foster care system, and who by chance and by association discovered that he may be the son of Jackie Wilson. The details are just as interesting and exciting as the songs! It is a must-read!

Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson’s cousins – Levi Stubbs (The Four Tops) and his brother Joe Stubbs (The Falcons/The Contours) – were both convinced that BBW is undeniably Jackie’s son. They said the looks, the voice, the gestures, and even the laugh are uncanny.

For instance, he has that rich milk-chocolate-sound and when he leads up to a sustained note it starts off like a pirates ‘aarrgh’ and rolls into the perfect enunciation of the word. He has that same timbre in his voice as Jackie and a few others we’ve heard like Eddie Holland of the famous Holland/Dozier/Holland songwriting team, Ty Hunter of The Voice Masters/The Originals fame, and Emanuel ‘E.J.’ Johnson of Enchantment, Frankie Beverly, and we cannot forget the wonderful cover of “Doggin’ Me Around” by Klique’s Howard Huntsberry. To further underscore the DNA factor, on one of the CD cuts – a cover of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” – BBW sounds just like Levi Stubbs.

I popped the CD in as I was driving this past Sunday afternoon, and I kept replaying the first three songs – “I Can’t Love You Anymore,” “I Get The Sweetest Feeling,” and “With You.” BBW also does impressive covers of Jackie’s “Lonely Teardrops,” “To Be Loved” and “Higher And Higher” –   the first two which were co-written by Motown founder Berry Gordy before he founded Motown Records. Again you must read Abrams’ essay!

So without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you Bobby Brooks Wilson. Copies of the CD can be ordered online at