dave bing

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing

*(Via TheGrio) – Detroit mayor Dave Bing, who said last week that his job was the second hardest in the country behind President Obama, is facing a recall effort led by a state representative. The recall effort comes at a crucial time as the city is facing potential bankruptcy and city workers face potential layoffs starting in January.

“In order to compensate for the deficit, the city will begin to institute unpaid furloughs and other cost-saving actions, effective January 1, 2013,” Bing said on Nov. 21. “We will ensure that revenue-generating departments are not impacted by these cost-cutting measures. These actions are necessary to keep the City from falling into further financial distress.”

State Rep. John Olumba (D-Detroit) filed the recall petition in October, but the original language was rejected. The recall claims that Bing has reduced public hours to police precincts, thus jeopardizing public safety.

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