*Charles Barkley has no limits, especially with these darned Weight Watchers commercials.

The man wore a dress, wig and heels once, to in turn get battered with a load of gay jokes and criticisms. Now he’s taking the opposite approach.

In line with his “Lose like a man” slogan, his most recent tip for men losing weight is, well men, your penis will appear larger.

To ensure his point is understood, in his newest ad “Roll Call,” he reads off a list of  penile euphemisms including words like “Johnson,” “Willie,” “Admiral Winkie,” and “Buster McThunderstick.”

And doctors actually support the claim. Dr. Ronald Tamier of WebMD told ESPN.com that he motivates his patients by telling them “they can appear to gain up to an inch in size by simply losing weight.”


Maybe Charles has a winner this time around.

Check out the ad: