chief keef*Chief Keef is going down.

Actually he’s already down as in back in lockdown.

Earlier we reported that the 17-year-old super bad boy rapper from Chicago was being held by police for parole violation. Now it’s being reported that he’s serving out a 60 day sentence in a juvenile detention center in St. Charles, Illinois.

Here’s what Idris “Peeda Pan” Abdul Wahid, a member of the rapper’s management team, told Complex about the situation:

“I think that overall we would have preferred for him not to have to sit down for a single day. Overall, I think it’s the best decision to satisfy everybody. The City of Chicago got what they want… We done been to hell and back already, so shit ain’t nothing.”

These recent problems for Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, started when he was filmed holding a rifle at a gun range during an interview on July 2, 2012 with That’s a HUGE no-no. Handling firearms was a violation of his probation.

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the otherwise bad ass rapper pleaded with Judge Carl Anthony Walker not to sentence him to juvenile detention, breaking down into tears several times, but the judge said he could not tolerate the teen’s “ blatant violations of the court’s order.

The end of the report cites a nameless figure from Keef’s management who promised the release of new music on “Thursday.”

Now you know why he’s back behind bars. But hey, it’s good for his street cred (except the crying part) and record sales. Did we say record sales? The Sun Times story also report someone from Chief Keef’s management who promised the release of new music on “Thursday.”