ray lewis

Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, puts Sunday’s loss into perspective.

*Ray Lewis has been receiving a lot of attention lately, being the fierce football player he is; his animated personality; and bringing his team so close to the Super Bowl.

But a family hasn’t forgotten the pain he’s caused them 13 years ago.

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice after being charged with two counts of murder.

On the morning of Jan. 21, 2000, Richard Lollar of Akron, Ohio was stabbed to death outside of an Atlanta nightclub, along with his friend Jacinth Baker. Their murders remain unsolved.

According to USA Today, Lewis was the only suspect to plead guilty in relation to the case and was originally charged with two counts of murder. However, he struck a deal with prosecutors in exchange for a testimony against two of his cohorts that evening.

But he never directly linked Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting to the murders and therefore was acquitted.

Though the event took place over a decade ago, the Lollar family still grieves and wants justice served.

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