rihanna*Rihanna’s legal battle has taken on another phase and is attempting to get a little too personal.

The singer is suing her ex-accounting firm for allegedly mishandling her finances and taking more money than the parties initially agreed to.

But the firm is adamant they did nothing wrong and says any loss is Rihanna’s fault, according to TMZ.

To help with the defendants’ position, the accountants requested interviews from a huge number of Rihanna’s folk, including her mother.

What does her mom have to do with this?

The singer says nothing at all. So her camp is asking the judge to deny the request, claiming that the firm is attempting to “inconvenience, burden and harass” her family.

But the firm says mama has direct knowledge because she was required to sign the contract, being that Rihanna was a minor at the time of the agreement.

A judge agrees with the accounting firm and overruled Rihanna’s objection this week.

Maybe RiRi might wanna get with Mama ASAP so they can be sure to be on the same page, if you know what we mean.