shyne*Whoa! The president just got called out by a rapper! Yes indeed.

Exiled (to Israel) rapper Shyne, who hasn’t done much of anything these days, took to Twitter about his outrage with President Obama on the issue of the high murder rate in his (Obama’s) hometown of Chicago.

He not only called him out, the rapper threatened him with a “meltdown,” reports V103 Radio (Atlanta).

“If @barackobama doesn’t do something about the genocide in Chicago fast,” he tweeted Monday (January 14), “I’m gonna have an @kanyewest melt down & say Barack Don’t care about?”

When Katrina happened, the most gasped and many clapped after Kanye West went on and told everyone that President George Bush “don’t care about black people.”

It was a historical moment in 2005, one that many will not forget.

But back to Shyne’s Twitter posts… he went on to asked about that activist spirit Obama once had as a local politician in Chicago, where is the fire?

Then he went on with some harsh criticism:

@barackobama I forgot you weren’t an impoverished inner city kid! You grew up in Kansas & Hawaii! You only play the ghetto card come election time!”