lionel campbell

Lional Campbell is fighting Michigan’s Wayne County for overcharging him for child support on his son that died 25 years ago.

*We’ve heard of confusion in the hospital and people getting the wrong baby.

We’ve heard of records confused so bad that a father and a son live as the other because their names are the same. But we are boggled by the latest confusion at the Friend of the Court.

Lional Campbell has been paying child support for his son with his ex-wife for the last 25 years after the child died from Meningitis in 1988 at the age of three.

This story is unbelievable! Campbell claims that he didn’t catch the error until 2011, because he was under the impression that he was paying for his older son, who is now 34.

Ok…let’s do the math! If his son is 34 now, he was at least 32 in 2011, right? Ok…that’s HOW MANY YEARS AFTER 18? I’ll tell you, it’s 14 years after child support age.

So why in the world did he think he still owed child support for the older child? Most fathers, I don’t care how much they make every year, watch their child support dollars like a hawk.

They bring it up in arguments and are able to argue down to the exact amount they last paid. (I ain’t mad at you, brothas! You’re taking care of your kids!)