keenan thompson (snl screenshot)

Keenan Thompson as CBS Sports commentator James Brown

*A week later and the Super Bowl blackout is still making news.

Well, sort of. It was fodder for the “Saturday Night Live” crew to have some fun with as the opening skit.

Just like the commentators during the real blackout, the “SNL” crew struggled to find things to talk about with Keenan Thompson‘s James Brown repeatedly plugging “2 Broke Girls” to kill time.

Jay Pharoah as Shannon Sharpe added his opinion, saying, “If I’m out there and it’s been no power for 20 minutes you think who on this team are we going to eat first?”

Eventually, the commentator just gave up and started talking about Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis‘ sordid past. Asked to confess something, Sharpe offered, “Ray Lewis knows who killed those people because it was him!”