oj simpson (glove)*The IRS seems to have taken a liking to O.J. Simpson.

They’ve filed a THIRD tax lien against the fallen athlete who’s serving time in a Nevada prison.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, the latest action came on Valentine’s Day.

This time, the feds want another $63,413.79 in unpaid federal income taxes for the year 2006!

Just put it on his growing tab, now worth a total $259,864 and 75 whole cents — all taxes on cash that Simpson’s been making on his pension and investments while he serves 30 years for kidnapping and robbery in a Nevada desert prison.

IRS officials last year filed a first lien claiming that the 65-year-old NFL Hall of Famer owes $179,435.07 for 2007-2010. Another lien came in time for Christmas, $17,015.99 owed for 2011.

The liens allow the IRS first dibs on the sale of Simpson’s house in Kendall, just west of Miami.

Simpson apparently quit paying taxes in 2006 when the long arm of the Nevada law grabbed him after he attempted to shake down a sports memorabilia dealer there.

About the same time, Simpson stopped paying the mortgage on his house.

Several banks are trying to foreclose on the loan.