rosario_dawson(2011-orange-dress-med-big-upper)*Rosario Dawson has another amazing starring role coming up real soon.

The charming on screen actress is set to play the role of a charismatic hypnotherapist, alongside James McAvoy (a fine art auctioneer) and Vincent Cassel (a gang boss) in new film, “Trance.”

The guys both get involved with a painting theft situation that eventually goes sour because someone loses his memory.

For Rosario, she says this is the “juiciest” role she’s had since Spike Lee’s “25th Hour.”

In an in depth interview with, she talks about taking on the new role and what attracted her from the beginning.

“I like the fact that as risky as it was, it was still a risky film. It was risky for everybody. To Danny, this is a vision he’s had for a long time. When you watch the film, you can see why he fought so many years to make it. With James MacAvoy, Vincent Cassel, John Hodges’ script, and Anthony Dod Mantle as your DP, you just know it’s going to look beautiful and it’s going to be well acted with incredibly smart people, and we’re going to figure out how this logic works from beginning to end. “We’re going to tantalize people with puzzle pieces that they will try to fit and most likely will not succeed in doing because it really is a smart film. It’s actually a great and interesting ride that I miss in theater. It’s like I have to watch old films to get that kind of experience. It was great to see a modern twist on some classic storytelling. It’s that classic thriller like ‘The Thomas Crown Affair,’ where it’s an art house thing. It has the cliché femme fatale where in every one of those films, it misleads what people think because they will make you feel it’s familiar but the territory is quite new. To me, that was really exciting. You don’t get to read that very often, a meaty film role for a woman who is strong, powerful, and complex. I fought for it and really glad that I got a chance to do it. It was fun to rise to the challenge.”

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