latocha scott*VH1 is no longer about anybody’s music videos or anything like that. The network is manufacturing music reality shows, and that’s it.

What’s next you ask… Well, former Xscape member Latocha Scott was just given the green light for a new reality show set to debut in 2013.

She’s got a lot going on.

Along with the new show, she’s prepping for a major comeback with a studio mixtape, “Truth In The Booth,” totally solo.

The singer is also making an impact with her Golden Gyrl Foundation.

But that’s not all, 2013 ain’t ready y’all. She’s also working on a book.

Back to the show, she joins her former bandmates Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Kandi Burruss in the reality show world with something about her life.

She plans to expose her past and deal with the skeletons in her own closet, all while supporting her son’s dreams as a singing basketball player.

No word yet on the date the show will debut.