Benjamin Charles Watson

Benjamin Charles Watson

*Benjamin Charles Watson, best known for playing Tariq on The CW’s “The L.A. Complex,” has landed a recurring role on the third season of AMC’s revived drama, “The Killing.”

He will appear in at least four episodes as “Gay Ray,” a transgender teen who left home because of a domineering and bigoted adoptive father and has found acceptance and love in his street family, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although he calls himself “Rayna,” he begrudgingly allows his friends to refer to him as Gay Ray, a nickname he’s grown to appreciate. He is described as optimistic, funny, intelligent and a good friend.

Watson joins new cast members Peter Sarsgaard (as a death row inmate), Elias Koteas (a new partner to star Mireille Enos), Amy Seimetz (as a mother whose daughter is missing) and Max Fowler as a streetwise hustler.

Enos and Joel Kinnaman will reprise their roles in the drama, which AMC revived in January.

The 12-episode third season of “The Killing” will introduce a new case and be set a year after the Rosie Larsen investigation featured in the first two seasons was closed with Linden no longer a detective. She is drawn back when Holder’s search for a runaway girl leads him to a string of murders that connects to a previous investigation she led.