laz alonso meagan good

*Laz Alonso is stirring things up on NBC’s “Deception” (Mondays at 10) as a federal agent who has his ex-girlfriend cop going undercover in the family home of her childhood best friend – who died under shady circumstances in the pilot episode.

Viewers have been few and far between, with ratings below NBC’s expectations and many devotees dismissing episodes as too predictable to continue watching.


For Alonso, who has worked steadily in both film and television since 2000 – including memorable turns in “Stomp the Yard,” “Jumping the Broom” and the A&E drama “Breakout Kings” – his decision to take on “Deception” started with a script that stood out from the rest he’d been sent.

“It was the one pilot I read that season that I couldn’t put down,” Alonzo told us. “It was a page turner, and I found myself reading it more for my own personal enjoyment that studying an audition that I was gonna have in a couple of days. And that’s how I knew there was something special here that I really wanted to be a part of.

Below, Alonso explains his character Will’s ulterior motive with Det. Joanna Locasto, his ex-girlfriend played by the show’s star Meagan Good.

Below, watch “the big showdown” between Laz and Meagan in a preview of the Monday, March 11 episode, “You’re the Bad Guy,” where Will fires Joanna from the case after learning she slept with one of the family members – her first love.