rah ali FULL SHOT (1)*Season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop” is an official wrap. But there’s much more to be said at the reunion show, which just wrapped up Tuesday.

Although she wouldn’t give too many details, businesswoman Rashidah Ali tells us there’s plenty of fireworks to look forward to at the reunion and that she’s engaged to her longtime “Mystery Man.”

“Just make sure you guys watch all the way through the reunion because there’s a lot of excitement a lot of unexpected things are going to happen,” she says, adding that she did indeed address her issues with Mendeecees as promised. “Mendeecees wasn’t at the reunion show, but I did certainly address the sexual issue. Absolutely, I did with a lot of enthusiasm.”

The rest of the details are scant, but she did say if she’s back for another season, working with Tahiry Jose would be ideal.

“I get along really well with Jen the Pen. Even though people are giving her a hard time for the racial comment they feel she made, I think that Raqi has the ability to get under people’s skin,” Rashidah explains. “I think Jen’s words were taking out of context during the argument. I believe her comment of saying she would get a gig because of her skin color were just battle words said in the heat of the argument. And to take it one step further, I think Raqi hit Jen with a low blow by saying that Jen’s man wants to sleep with her.”

Rashidah added, “As for Winter, I don’t agree with the tell-all book. I don’t think she should put out to the world all of her personal experiences with other people. On a personal level, she hasn’t done anything to me. I think it’s exciting that she’s having a baby. I’m happy for her.”

Rashida also bragged exclusively to EURweb.com that she’s got a man who is not only her lover, but friend and business partner. But she wouldn’t give us a name. So she calls him her “Mystery Man.”

“Where do I start? We’ve been together for eight years and we’re engaged,” she gushes. “We work together. He owns a part of my promotion company, which is 5 Approved. He runs the artist development side of it. We’re good friends and I love him to death.”

In the next season, she plans to open up a bit more and share more about her personal life, giving fans what they’ve been asking for.

“I’d like to give people a little more because they’ve said, ‘We want to know more about you. You’re interesting. We wish they’d show you more.’ I get a lot of that from the viewers. And they want to know if I have a man and what’s going on in my personal life. They want to get all the way in your business. I’m going to definitely do that next season.”

In the meantime, Rah is about that paper and without a doubt, is continuing to be a successful business woman. She recently launched her own shoe brand Encore Shoes, which is now being sold at encoreshoetique.com.