brittney griner*Brittney Griner is basketball’s most talked about female athlete right now.

After leaving her college team with an impact so great, professional NBA coaches have considered recruiting her.

But she’s got a team now in the WNBA.

The Phoenix Mercury scooped up the Baylor center during the draft Monday night.

“It’s a dream come true. I’m like a little kid in Disney World the first time meeting all the characters,” she told the Associated Press. “Sitting at the table they said 15 seconds and my heart started beating so fast. I was grabbing the tablecloth underneath.”

Towering at an incredible 6-foot-8, the top scoring athlete has been named the top shot-blocker ever, stomping out male and female records with a total 748. She also had a record 18 dunks and 3,283 points.

It almost seems unfair.

After WNBA president Laurel Richie opened the draft with a few words of respect for those affected by the Boston bombing, she announced Brittney as the draft’s first pick.

“I’m ready to get there and ready to learn from (Diana Taurasi),” the new Mercury player said. “I got to play with her a little bit at USA Basketball. I’m ready to feed off her and give all I can to the Phoenix Mercury.”