kelly rowland (on breakfast club)*During her tell-all conversation with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Kelly Rowland talked turkey about her sex life, her upcoming album, and the cat-fight between r&b divas Beyoncé and Keisha Cole.

In reference to her new solo project, Rowland mentioned collaborating with high-profile producers like Pharrell Williams and The Dream, among others.

“I love Dream,” she said with a smile. “He’s such an R&B genius. I love him because he still has a passion and wants everything to be different and creative. He pushed me to do something different and to be completely stripped and honest on the record. I’m in love with this album.”

It wasn’t long before Rowland’s arm was twisted about her good friend’s new single controversial single “Bow Down,” in which Beyoncé makes the unprecedented move of putting herself on a pedestal above the rest of music’s female performers. Rowland was also goaded into addressing Keisha Cole’s public disapproval of Beyoncé’s perceived arrogance.

“I think the silence is the best power because you don’t have to say nothing, they did all the talking” Rowland explained. “Keep talking. I don’t think that it’s important to fire back because you[‘re] just fueling the fire. I just think that you don’t have to do that, we too grown for that stuff.”

She also gave the female race advice on how to process Bey demanding that they kiss the ring. “When you understand who you are as a woman, you can accept the record.”